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Hi! I’m Akira!

I’m a software developer. Right now, I’m working in Javascript, React, HTML/CSS, and I’m learning the joys of server-side JS w/ Express, Node and MongoDB. Someday I’ll learn Typescript. Maybe someday I’ll even learn Assembly.

I love to share, teach, and create, so here you’ll find all kinds of tech resources as well as info on my passions: music, fermentation, leadership, growing my own food, art, theater, cultural explorations, and being outside.

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A communal guide to connect and educate those working legally in the Psychedelic space with people interested in using Psychedelics for therapeutic care and enhancing well-being.

We are undergoing a massive redesign and rebuild of the Tripsitters website, and I’m lucky to be the development team lead. We’re in a wonderful exploration phase right now, with an emphasis on leveraging the open web, leveraging incredible visual design, and encouraging and facilitating organic community involvement.

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Alarmed by the steep uptick in domestic violence calls since the Covid-19 lockdown, myself and some friends are developing a secure web app to quickly match domestic violence victims with appropriate community resources based on their individual situation.

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