Akira Hack Of All Trades

Hello and welcome! My name is Akira, welcome to my digital garden!

I’m a developer advocate and musician. I currently work in DevRel at Bright Security, bringing cybersecurity tools like DAST scanners to devs to empower them to secure their software.

In my spare time, I love to garden, cook, and grow gourmet mushrooms in my basement :)

One of my raison d’etre is to teach other people what I’m learning..and I’m constantly learning!

Here you’ll find not only tech resources but lots of info on my various passions: music, growing mushrooms, fermentation, art, theater, math, accidentally lighting my garage on fire with a soldering iron and how you can avoid that mistake (jk), and renewable energy.

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A communal guide to connect and educate those working legally in the Psychedelic space with people interested in using Psychedelics for therapeutic care and enhancing well-being.

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If you like to write as much as I do, here are the places I’ve found who are currently accepting applications for contributors. Sometimes, they will even pay you!

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